Property Management

Property Management

We would like to ensure that you have everything ready and waiting for you when you arrive at your property so that your holiday starts off being as relaxing as possible. Below please find the services we offer which leave owners free to enjoy their acquisition and enviable new lifestyle!

Rentals  For clients that have purchased property, renting it out is possible in order to maximise your investment. The longer you let your property, the greater the potential income. Rental income depends on the size and location of your property. The Turkish Property Centre will be able to undertake the rental of your property. We will advertise the property in the rent section of our website. We will clean the property before guests use it, wash the towels and sheets, and check the property before guests leave to ensure all is in good order.

Cost: 20% Commission Fees No Rental Cleaning or Laundry Fees

Security Checks Our Property Management team will ensure that your investment is safeguarded by making routine property checks on your behalf and reporting back to you.  Cost: £20/ € 25 per inspection

Cleaning Services This is ideal for those who would like to ensure that when they arrive in their property, it is clean and ready for you to begin your holiday. We also offer a daily cleaning service. Cost starting from: £45 / € 50 per day

Starter Pack We can arrange a starter pack for you consisting of essential food stuffs (eg: tea/coffee, milk, sugar, bread etc) and/or cleaning goods so that, should you arrive at your property in the early hours of the morning you will not have to go without! Cost: quotation available on request

Floral Services If you would like a flower arrangement in your property when you arrive, or if you would like to order one whilst on holiday, we can arrange this for you. Cost: quotation available on request

Garden and Pool Service We will ensure that your garden and pool are in excellent condition when you arrive so you don’t have to spend your first day cutting or weeding the garden and filling the swimmimg pool! Cost: quotation available on request